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Toyota Landcruiser History
What a beauty!
1965 #Toyota #Landcruiser #FJ45 #Pickup
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1 day ago

Toyota Landcruiser History

Great day out with Toyota W.A. Thanks Tony Newman and City Toyota for inviting us alongWe were very excited to see the Toyota Mirai on display at Toyota WA.

Named 2016 World Green Car, Toyota's Mirai (a Japanese word meaning "future") is a remarkable zero-emissions car with all the convenience of today's conventional vehicles, yet it runs on hydrogen instead of petrol or diesel.

Currently being sold in Japan, the US and some parts of Europe, the Mirai achieves maximum power well above 100kW from both its fuel-cell stack and its electric motor.

Hydrogen is as safe as any other automotive fuel and, unlike fossil fuels, it does not contribute to global warming during vehicle operation. It is the most abundant element in the universe and can be produced from almost anything - even sewage sludge - by using a vast array of primary energy sources, including pollution-free solar and wind power.
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4 days ago

Great day out with Toyota W.A.  Thanks Tony Newman and City Toyota for inviting us along

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4 days ago

Wandering through the Wattle
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