Code of Ethics

 Holland Track Code of Ethics

    1. On the Holland Track, please use the “28 28 Rule”. 28 psi and UHF radio channel 28 at all times.
    2. Please keep it clean – take ALL your rubbish out with you.
    3. Please restrict convoys to no more than 10 vehicles to conserve camping areas and the track generally.
    4. Pets are not allowed in Reserves. Baiting occurs along the track to protect our native fauna.
    5. Please do not travel on the track after periods of heavy rain. There is a huge risk of bogging and track damage. While on the track, please do not drive through wet boggy holes.
    6. Nature is at work – please stay on the track and slow down to enjoy the scenery. Rushing degrades the track and is dangerous for oncoming traffic.
    7. Please be aware of low-lying areas of the track. They can become very boggy after rain.
    8. While on the track be aware of low hanging branches, sharp tree roots and sudden drops caused by erosion of the track.
    9. Please only walk on the many large granite rocks on the track, do not drive on them. They are environmentally sensitive and are often very wet around the edges.
    10. Water is precious – don’t pollute. Leave all Gnamma holes as you find them.
    11. Please stick to the established track and respect fire bans. Be responsible when lighting fires.
    12. Please collect firewood conservatively or preferably use gas fires.
    13. Preserve our heritage and protect the track.
    14. Practice good toilet habits – bury it deep and burn the paper.
    15. Your safety is our concern but your responsibility.
    16. Please use a sand flag for safety.